Ants and Ladybugs

Aphids like hibiscus bushes – ladybugs like aphids – and ants like to explore everything in LA – even the walls inside ur home.

In this photo, an ant on top of the leaf, an aphid directly under the ant, and a ladybug underneath share the tip of a hibiscus leaf.

The ladybugs don’t move around very much.

The ants are always on the move, exploring every twig and leaf.

When the ants and ladybug do meet, the ants are the aggressors, and the ladybugs turtle untill the ants leave.

The ladybug always has the final say – when too many ants show up, it flys awaay!.

Wings Outstretched

I’m pretty sure that all of these photographs are of Black Phoebes as they hunt insects.

The two photos above were taken at the LaBrea Tar Pits, Pit #1 – visible from Wilshire Blvd.

This photograph was taken in Beverly Hills, on Santa Monica Blvd – at a a temporary fence erected to protect the outdoor artwork, thru these turbulent times.

This photograph was one of the first photographs I shot. I was frozen in my tracks as this bird flew so fast, so gracefully so close to so much hard concrete!

Bees on Pink Knotweed

There’s a parking lot for a private school near my apartment. One year, these beautiful Pink Knotweed flowers thrived in an unkept area.

I’ve gone back many times, but have never seen these beautiful flowers and the bees, again.